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Chemotherapy Drugs

Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells. It is also called "chemo." Today, there are many different kinds of chemotherapy. So the way you feel during treatment may be very different from someone else.

Chemotherapy can be used to destroy cancer cells, stop cancer cells from spreading and slow the growth of cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be given alone or with other treatments. It can help other treatments work better. For example, you may get chemotherapy before or after surgery or radiation therapy. Or you may get chemotherapy before a peripheral blood stem cell transplant.

Chemotherapy can be given in these forms:
  • An IV (intravenously)
  • A shot (injection) into a muscle or other part of your body
  • A pill or a liquid that you swallow
  • A cream that is rubbed on your skin
You may get treatment every day, every week, or every month. The treatment period is followed by a period of rest when you won't get chemotherapy. This rest period gives your body a chance to build healthy new cells. Your doctor will talk with you about your treatment schedule. Ask for a written copy of it, as well.

Each person and treatment is different, so it is not always possible to tell how you will feel. Some people feel well enough to keep their normal schedules at home or at work. Others feel more tired. Today many side effects can be prevented or controlled. Talk with your doctor to learn what side effects you may have and how to manage them.

The following list of chemotherapy drugs are defined and discussed in the PATIENTS' SECTION and can be accessed through the "Patients Only" tab:

 5FU Adrucil - Fluorouracil
 Mylotarg - Gemtuzumab
 Adriamycin - Doxorubicin
 Navelbine - Vinorelbine
 Alimta - Pemetrexed
 Neulasta - PEGfilgrastim
 Alkeran - Melphalan
 Neupogen - Filgrastim
 Anzemet - Dolasetron
 Nexavar - Sorafenib
 Aranesp - Darbepoetin Alfa
 Nolvadex - Tamoxifen
 Aredia - Pamidronate
 Nplate - Romiplostim
 Arimidex - Anastrozole
 Oncovin - Vincristine
 Aromasin - Exemestane
 Paraplatin - Carboplatin
 Avastin - Bevacizumab
 Platinol - Cisplatin
 Blenoxane - Bleomycin
 Purinethol - Mercaptopurine
 Campath - Alemtuzumab
 Rituxan - Rituximab
 Casodex - Bicalutamide
 Reglan - Metoclopramide
 Cerubidine - Daunorubicin
 Rheumatrex - Methotrexate
 Compazine - Prochlorperazine
 Roferon-A - Interferon
 Cytoxan - Cyclophosphamide
 Sandostatin - Octreotide
 Dacogen - Decitabine
 Sprycel - Dasatinib
 Decadron - Dexamethasone
 Sutent - Sunitinib
 DepoCyt - Cytarabine
 Tarceva - Erlotinib
 DTIC - Dacarbazine
 Targretin - Bexarotene
 Eloxatin - Oxaliplatin
 Tasigna - Nilotinib
 Erbitux - Cetuximab
 Taxol - Paclitaxel
 Faslodex - Fulvestrant
 Taxotere - Docetaxel
 Femara - Letrozole
 Temodar - Temozolomide
 Fludara - Fludarabine
 Thalomid - Thalidomide
 FUDR - Floxuridine
 Toposar VP 16 - Etoposide
 Gemzar - Gemcitabine
 Torisel - Temsirolimus
 Gleevec - Imatinib
 Treanda - Bendamustine
 Herceptin - Trastuzumab
 Tykerb - Lapatinib
 Hycamtin - Topotecan
 Tysabri - Natalizumab
 Hydrea - Hydroxyurea
 Vectibix - Panitumumab
 Kytril - Granisetron
 Velban - Vinblastine
 Leukeran - Chlorambucil
 Velcade - Bortezomib
 Leukine - Sargramostim
 Vidaza - Azacitidine
 Lovenox - Enoxaparin
 Xeloda - Capecitabine
 Lupron - Leuprolide
 Zantac - Ranitidine
 Lysodren - Mitotane
 Zofran - Ondansetron
 Matulane -Procarbazine
 Zoladex - Goserlin
 Mesnex - Mesna
 Zometa - Zoledronic Acid
 Mustargen - Mechlorethamine

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