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Diabetic Management

We provide you with information regarding diabetes and day-to-day living with the disease. We inform you on diabetes self-management and give you the information you need to control your diabetes and improve your health.

Blood Glucose levels fluctuate throughout the day and not keeping up with them is ill-advised for individuals with diabetes. Therefore diabetes self-management is very important.

We supply everything you need for diabetes self-management.

The RAPID RESPONSE Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The RAPID RESPONSE Blood Glucose Meter

The Blood Glucose meter:
  • has a large LCD display
  • has a 7-second reaction time
  • indicates ketone warning
  • has single button operation
  • is FDA cleared for Alternate Site Testing
  • requires only 0.7 microliters of blood

RAPID RESPONSE Blood Glucose Test Strips

  • The strips are designed to ensure correct fit into the glucose meter
  • Blood is taken into the test chamber automatically
  • The strips are touchable
  • The strips are available as a 2 vial pack.  
  • Each vial contains 25 strips for a total of 50 strips per pack

RAPID RESPONSE Blood Glucose Lancets

The Rapid Response Lancets are:
  • Designed with shallow-point comfort - to maximize your comfort level
  • Tri-bevel with thin guage needle
  • 30 G ultra thin lancets
  • Virtually painless Gamma sterilized


The Rapid Response Lancing Device is:

  • An adjustable comfort tip, which offers 5 different levels of skin penetration
  • Of high quality construction - under 3 year limited warranty
  • A reusable lancing device for the single user
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable grip
  • Supplied with a clear cap for alternate site testing

RAPID RESPONSE Glucose Controls

The Rapid Response Glucose Controls:
  • Consist of both High & Low control solutions
  • Can be used for 3 months after opening
  • Can be stored at room temperature

All of your diabetes self-management needs are supplied at the Mavis Cabral Medical Centre Pharmacy. Each item above is sold individually as a separate item, but are also available as a Blood Glucose Monitoring kit.
Mavis Cabral Medical Centre, P. O. Box 2259, St. John's, Antigua, West Indies
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