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Glucose Testing Starter Set Monitoring System

Blood Glucose Meter
                      Glucose Meter System Controls
Lancet Device
Blood Glucose Test Strips



Urinalysis Reagent Test Strips

The BTNX Urinalysis product Urinalysis Reagent Strips provide tests for the following: Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketone, Ascorbic Acid, Glucose, Protein, Blood, pH, Nitrite, Leukocytes and Specific Gravity.

Our 11 Parameters Ultra Urinalysis Reagent Strips have a unique two-fold Ascorbic Acid shield:

1. Contains a unique Ascorbic Acid Barrier: Eliminates the interference of Ascorbic Acid on glucose and blood parameters altogether

2. A built-in Ascorbic Acid Pad: Serves to alert the clinician to the presence of Ascorbic Acid in the urine, and effectively monitor therapy

Urinalysis strips are useful in the preliminary screening for diabetes, liver diseases, haemolytic diseases, urogenital, and kidney disorders.  Upon immersing the test strip in the specimen, comparison between the reagent areas on the strip and their corresponding color on the container can be made.



Rapid Response Pregnancy Test Kit
   Pregnancy Test Cassette

                                                    Pregnancy Test Pipette

This test is a one Step Midstream Style hCG Pregnancy Test. This kit tests for the determination of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in urine specimens. The test kit is used to obtain a visual qualitative result for early detection of pregnancy at home. The sensitivity factor of the test is 20 mIU/mL.



Luteinizing Hormone Urine Ovulation Test

The Ovulation Test cassette is a one step LH Urine Ovulation Test that is fast and easy-to-use. It is a qualitative test that can detect when there is a LH (luteinizing hormone) surge and in turn, predicts when ovulation is likely to occur.

Results available in as little as 5 minutes


Menopause Urine Test Kit
Menopause is a natural & normal part of every woman's life, the onset of which can bring about significant physical & emotional changes. As such, early detection of menopause can provide women with a sense of control, and empower them to take a more proactive approach to countering the effects of menopause.

The Rapid Response FSH kit can help you do just that! It is a fast, easy-to-use & accurate test that allows for the qualitative detection of FSH hormone in urine, which helps to evaluate the onset of menopause.
Sensitivity of 25 mIU/mL, and 100% Specificity - No cross reaction with HCG, TSH, & LH


Thyroid Hormone Test Kit

The Rapid ResponseTM Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test Cassette is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative determination of human thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in whole blood samples.
  • Aids in the detection of hypothyroidism (TSH concentrations over 5mIU/L).
  • Qualitative detection with results in as little as ten minutes.
  • Can be used with finger-stick blood
  • High Sensitivity (98.5%-99.9%%) and Specificity (96.9%-98.5%) for TSH, when compared to the predicate device (2nd/3rd generation TSH assay).
  • Mass-screen for hypothyroidism with only one drop of whole blood
  • Positive/Negative External Controls Available (room temperature stable liquid 0.8 mL each,  CTRL-TSH-13V)


We have diagnostic testing kits that will test whole blood, plasma or serum for the following infectious diseases:

 Chlamydia  Helicobacter Pylori  Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
 Influenza A & B  Infectious Mononucleosis  Rotavirus
 Streptococcus Group A    



Fecal Occult Blood Test

This is a qualitative immunoassay test for the detection of Occult Blood in human feces ONLY, and can be used for the early detection of colorectal cancer.

 The Test is:
  • 98% Accurate!
  • Results are ready in minutes!
  • Easy to use!
  • Detects human hemoglobin only!
  • Sensitivity Factor: 50 ng/mL


Single Urine Drug Test Cassette

The Single Urine Drug Test Cassette is a rapid One-Step qualitative drug (urine) test for the detection of a specific drug in urine. The test is:
  • FDA Cleared
  • A rapid test used to detect a specific drug in urine specimens
  • Results ready in minutes
  • 99% Accurate
Single Drug Urine Test Cassettes are available for the following drug detection:
 Amphetamine  Barbiturate  Benzodiazepine
 Cocaine  Marijuana  Methadone
 Methaqualone  Morphine  Opiate
 Oxycodone  Phencyclidine  Tricyclic Antidepressant

Saliva Drug Test Device

Our oral fluid (saliva) drug test requires no special training to complete. Within several minutes, qualitative Yes/No results are visibly obtained.

This device detects six drugs of abuse:
  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Cocaine (COC)
  • Opiates (OPI)
  • Amphetamine (AMP)
  • Methamphetamine (mAMP)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)


Saliva Alcohol Test Strips

BTNX alcohol test strips are disposable plastic tests consisting of a single reagent pad. The tests are designed to provide a rapid qualitative measurement of alcohol in saliva specimen. This is done by comparing the color development after the reaction is completed to the colour chart provided.

It demonstrates a high degree of sensitivity towards alcohol present in saliva at concentration levels greater than a zero tolerance level of blood alcohol concentration of 0.02% (w/v).

Note: This test should not be used to determine one's ability to legally operate a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. Any decision based on the results of this test will be the sole responsibility of the user.
  • Reactive pad changes color in 2 minutes
  • Fast and easy usage
  • Requires no instrumentation calibration or special training to us

Breath Alcohol Test (The BreathScan tester)

The BreathScan tester is a disposable breath-alcohol indicator designed for one time use. Alcohol presence in a user’s exhaled breath is accurately measured, providing a reliable indication of the blood alcohol level in the body.
  • Low-cost and easy-to-use
  • Measures the presence of alcohol in a multitude of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels, and include the following options: 0.02%, 0.04%, 0.05%, and 0.08%  (w/v)
  • Non-invasive
  • Very compact
Alcohol Digital Detector

The CA-2000 is a compact, unique and highly sophisticated alcohol analyzer. The variation of the electrical property of an oxide-semiconductor is used in the detection of alcohol. A rapid determination of breath alcohol content is given in units of ppm and promptly converts it to a digital reading of the equivalent blood alcohol concentration (BAC) within a range of 0.00% to 0.40% BAC.

Included with the Unit:
  • 5 Mouthpieces
  • 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Carrying bag
  • DC car adapter
  • Additional mouthpieces sold separately
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